Pussyowl 21-2 Evasion

6 thoughts on “Pussyowl 21-2 Evasion

  1. I’m apparently stupid. Is the ‘out of frame’ stuff happening before or after Charon speaks to the (cute) devil? And what about poor Owl? Did the pea green boat sink?! D: Will we ever find out what happened to Piggywig and the guardian cat? :p

    • The out of frame stuff comes afterwards as Cat is hiding out of frame. We’ll get back to Owl eventually…
      I had an ending comic for the piggywig and the guardian but didn’t have time to draw it. It will be in the print version. Although, what were cat and owl eating in the strip immediately afterwards? 😉

  2. Ahh, I feel dumb. Haha. I so didn’t link (Could this be a bad pun?!) the bacon with Piggywig. Hmm. :p

    Oooh, a print version? Awesome. And the thing that lead me here, that’s on the primate-named programme’s website? 😮

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